About Me

Hiiii! My is Jinelle and I am the Fitness Foodie! I am 30 years old, own a graphic design company, am a full time coach and I am fortunate enough to have been born on Cape Cod, MA, grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire and went to college in Boston. I am a total beach baby, love the peace and quiet of the moutains and dig the city life. I even took it one step further and moved my whole world to North Carolina in 2017 to chase my dream of living a beach life! I totally enjoy eating amazingly delicious food, whether it be unbelievably healthy for me or a total guilty pleasure, I LOVE FOOD! 🙂 I rock my fitness game at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day despite chronic bod pain and fibromyalgia, practice to live a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle full of love and gratitude and help others do the same as a Beachbody coach. I have been on a wholehearted lifestyle journey for the last 5 years starting in 2013 when I made the decision to commit to my best self, my future and my dreams, while inspiring others along the way that they too can do the same!

For the real deal, honest, no sugar coating lengthy version of my journey on how I got to where I am today…keep reading!

My Transformation Story

My name is Jinelle Sammartino and I am the Fitness Foodie! I am 27 years young, own a graphic design company, I am fortunate enough to have been born on Cape Cod, MA, grew up in the mountains of New Hampshire and went to college in Boston. I am a total beach baby, love the peace and quiet of the moutains and dig the city life. I really enjoy eating amazingly delicious food, whether it be unbelievable good for me or a total guilty pleasure, I LOVE FOOD! 🙂 I rock my fitness game at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day, live a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle and help others do the same as a Beachbody Coach! I have been on a wholehearted life journey for the last 2.5 years starting in 2013 when I made the decision to commit to myself, to make a positive change for me, to better my health and better my life.

I was weighing in at 175lbs. after graduating college (technically considered obese by doctors at 24 years of age and for my height of 5’2″), seriously unhappy, uncomfortable in my own skin, doing a serious amount of binge drinking and emotional binge eating, angry at the world, depressed, making dumb decisions for my head, heart and body, anxiety stricken, zero confidence, totally settling for toxic dating relationships, completely broke, struggling to make ends meet and lacking some serious self love and self worth. You could say I was at my rock bottom and the only place I could go at this point was up. I tried the fad diets, cutting carbs, hitting the gym for hours, diet pills and even enlisting the help of multiple trainers and eating what I thought was clean for a year. At that point I felt like I tried it all..and I saw results with the gym and the expensive cost of a trainer and I was content, but I knew I wanted something MORE with my fitness results, I knew I could do better and progress further. I really wanted something more as a whole to be honest and I felt like something was missing still. I just wanted to feel happy on the inside too, in my heart, my soul.

I saw an informercial for T25, an at home Beachbody fitness program, at the gym one day and thought to myself this looks like it really works, it’s only 25 minutes a day and I have nothing to lose at this point. I AM DOING IT! I started my T25 journey in April of 2013, steadily losing weight and happy with my progress in such a short time. I really maximized my results when I incorporated Shakeology into my routine and the pounds just started to melt off. I am currently down 66lbs. in 18 months, losing more than half my weight in just 7 months with the help of T25, Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix nutrition.

After getting some amazing results and really seeing that Beachbody products actually work when you commit, I couldn’t stop sharing this! Not to mention people kept asking me what I was doing, what I was eating, how often I was working out, what was my final push to commit to myself, was I on a specific diet and I just shared what I was doing on facebook, in person, with my friends, my family, anyone and everyone that would listen! I was so happy to see results and results that lasted with consistency, and not only lasted, GOT BETTER! On June 7, 2014 I signed up to be a Beachbody Coach and I won’t ever look back. So many people had been reaching out to me to congratulate me on my progress, to ask what I had been doing, to share with me that I inspired them, to ask for help on starting their own journey and I was totally sharing away! The results, the progress, the happy heart, the positive attitude. IT WAS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE! And little did I know I could earn income by sharing all of this with the world and do it from home on my time! I had nothing to lose..I was coaching already without the title or paycheck! I could get paid to wake up, live my healthy fit foodie lifestyle, share my successes, my failures, my progress, what works for me…basically already do what I’ve been doing as a lifestyle and be paid for it. I WAS SO IN!

Beachbody not only changed my life physically, but it also changed my heart, my mind and my soul. When I lost 66lbs. I lost a lot of other things weighing me down on the inside. I lost self doubt, negativity, shame, guilt, the victim role, hatred for myself, jealousy of others, insecurity, fear…the toxic list goes on. And I have totally gained confidence, self love, respect and worth, belief and hope in myself and in the future, strength mentally, physically and emotionally. I can say for the first time I am beautiful, I am sexy and I feel damn good in my own skin. I am secure, happy and feel amazing rocking my fun, honest, kind hearted, badass, sassy personality. I am a work in progress and am by no means an expert and so far from perfect, but I am learning how to be the most happy, fit, healthy and positive version of myself I can be possibly be and sharing it with you guys because when you figure out what works YOU SHARE IT!

Beachbody has my lovetank overflowing with not only personal development to learn self love and worth, but I am surrounded by some pretty amazing people I am so beyond blessed to call my best friends, my teammates, my family, friends, challengers and my fellow Coaches. I am connected through Facebook to other Beachbody Coahes all day long who all started off on their own journey with a fitness program, a decision to make a positive change for themselves and now help others figure out how to do the same! We don’t need to see each other daily or in person to be there for each other, to pick up on the positive vibes we all send out or to read the motivational, inspiration posts shared throughout the day. My team holds me accountable to my fitness and nutrition goals. They motivate me, listen to me when I have an awful day, are some of my best girlfriends that I would’ve never met if it weren’t for Beachbody. My team fuels my fire, pushes me to strive for progress not perfection, they believe in me when I don’t believe in myself and most importantly I know they won’t ever let me give up.

I knew I wanted more out of my life and I deserved more. Beachbody was my game changer for what started out as only a fitness journey and turned into a wholehearted lifestyle change. I am now surrounded by amazing, supportive likeminded people and positive vibes all day long because I choose that. I am currently a Diamond Beachbody Coach, proud to be apart of Dream Corp. a top 100 ranked team out of 300,000 other Coaches across the country. I want to share this amazing opportunity not only to change your life for the better with a health, fitness and nutrition journey but as a wholehearted lifestyle journey. I want you to feel amazing inside and out. I want your heart overflowing with love, your gorgeous smiling cheesing ear to ear, your head filled with nothing but love and kindness for yourself and others, I want you to believe you are worth the time, enery, effort, moneyyyy, blood, sweat and tears to live a happy, healthy, fit, wholehearted lifestyle because we have one body while on this planet and life is too short to not take care of it and to feel anything less than absolutely amazing comfortable in your own skin.

I made the decision. If you are ready to decide, commit and succeed in being the best version of yourself, striving for progress and not perfection and to rock on with your badass self then PLEASE contact me! I am looking to be the Fuel To Your Fire to help you reach your happy, healthy, fit lifestyle goals!

Fitness Foodie Facts

As a Fitness Foodie I love rockin my nutrition and my fitness hardcore, of course while enjoying amazingly delicious food that fuel my body right! I live and breathe the 21 Day Fix nutrition to stay on track with reaching my goals without the deprivation and starvation of my foodie favorites like pasta, bread, chocolate and cheese! I have lost over 66lbs. completely transforming my body physically, but also bettering myself from the inside out, transforming my head and my heart as well. On my journey I have gained a positive attitude, happiness, hope, confidence, belief in myself and most importantly self love and self worth. I am wicked sarcastic and silly, pretty much have zero filter so you will never get a sugar coating from me. I am full of energy, sass, fiest and fight to push myself on a daily basis to reach my goals and be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I wear my heart on my sleeve, am a total open book, say wicked on the reg, swear way too much for my own good and just rock on with my badass self in hopes of inspiring and motivating others to take the first step on their own wholehearted positive lifestyle journey!