21 Day Fix Extreme

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What Is The 21 Day Fix Extreme?

Fix Extreme is an intense workout program made to push you to the EXTREME! Autumn fuels your fire and pushes you to your limits, helps you get out of your head, break through the mental blocks, shredding those last few inches and pounds to help you reach your goals. Workouts are still 30 minutes long, but more intense, including new advanced moves and shorter breaks! The nutrition is still a huge component and Autumn really dials it in throughout Extreme with NO cheats and also includes her Countdown to Competition Meal Plan if you are really looking to step your game up for an event! It isn’t called Extreme for nothing!

Who Is The 21 Day Fix Extreme For?

Fix Extreme is for anyone who is looking to vamp up their results, drop those excuses along with the last few inches and pounds and totally challenge themselves to take it to the next level with their fitness and nutrition game. This program is not recommended for beginners and those who are new on their fitness and nutrition journey.

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