21 Day Fix

What Is The 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix is one of my favorite programs by far and I actually live and breathe the nutrition portion of the program daily…because it works! *THIS is HOW I LIVE MY FIT FOODIE LIFESTYLE* The 21 Day Fix is comprised of a variety of where you get your sweat on in just 30 minutes (upper, lower, carido, cardio with weights, pilates & yoga), but more importantly the Fix is focused on nutrition! 80% of this fitness and nutrition journey is based on the food we are fueling our bodies with. FOOD IS FUEL and that includes my daily dose of dense Superfood in Shakeology! Check out this brief video explaining the nutrition aspect a bit more!

Who Is The 21 Day Fix For?

The Fix is a great program if you are brand new to the fitness world and clean eating or if you are looking to get back on track after falling off. That’s the best part about the fix, anyone can do it and get awesome results! The Fix teaches you that with Simple Nutrition + Simple Fitness + Support= Real results that last. There is also a modifier for every fitness move if you find that you are unable to perform the move fully! You just do what you can, listen to your body and 1 or some is better than none! Progress every day!

Not Sure if The 21 Day Fix is the Right Program for You?

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