Body Beast

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What Is Body Beast?

Body Beast is an innovative bodybuilding system combining extreme workouts, groundbreaking nutrition and supplementation. Body Beast consists of 3 phases getting you to full Beast Mode, proven to add up to 10lbs. of lean muscle in just 90 days! Paired with a killer nutrition plan and specifically designed supplements to enhance growth and performance Body Beast takes weightlifting to a whole new level.

Who Is Body Beast For?

Body Beast is for those want to build some serious muscle, love weight lifting and want to get BIG results all from the comfort of their own home. There is no modifier in Body Beast, this is an extreme program. I woud not recommend this program for anyone just starting out on their fitness journey. Ladies do not shy away from this program! You can absolutely crush these workouts! Using lighter weights and the lean portion of the nutrition plan you can build amazing muscle mass and definition without the bulk! Strong is the new skinny!

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