On Demand & Shakeology

What Is On Demand & Shakeology?

On Demand gives you unlimited streaming access to over hundreds of workouts all at the reach of your fingertips wherever you have WiFi! Instantly stream your workouts anywhere with Beachbody On Demand! Looking to get ripped, crush a killer cardio workout or lose weight? With On Demand there’s a program for everyone from beginner to expert. Incorporating Shakeology into your daily On Demand routine will amplify your results, help you lose and maintain weight all while increasing your energy, decreasing those junk food cravings and ensure that you are fueling your body properly for killer results!

Who Is On Demand & Shakology for?

On Demand and Shakeology is for anyone on the go looking to get some serious results. On Demand is great for those just starting their fitness journey and want to try out a new workout program, but are unsure of what they would like. Or even experts looking to switch it up with something different. On Demand is a wonderful way to get into a new workout program anywhere with plenty of options to choose from. WIth instant access to over hundreds of workouts, you get a wide variety allowing you to continuously pick and choose until you find your perfect fit!

Not Sure if On Demand & Shakeology is Right for You?

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