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Shakeology Was My Game Changer!

In April of 2014 I was cranking out T25, getting my sweat on in 25 minutes a day, at home and loving it! I was seeing results, but I still wanted more. I wanted more progress and faster results. Plus I needed something that would give me the real lasting results, great for my body, quick and easy and something that my inner Foodie would actually enjoy! The answer was Shakeology. Within days of using Shakeology along with my T25 workout the inches just started to melt off me. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight at that point, I just wanted to feel good and confident, but the pounds just kept coming off. And trust me I wasn’t complaining after struggling for over a year after plateauing!

Incorporating Shakeology into my daily routine was my game changer for my health, nutrition and fitness goals. For the first time in my entire life I was able to maintain my weight and keep it off. Not to mention I sleep like a baby, my digestion and nausea issues have disappeared, my headaches are gone, my hair and nails are unbelievably strong and long, I crave junk food less and I have way more energy. I am jam packing my body with over 70+ Superfoods, minerals, vitamins, nutrients and so much goodness all in 1 yummy, quick and affordable shake. Shakeology is a no brainer for me, I do it everyday after my workout or before I run out the door. I will be a lifer with my Strawberry Shakeo and love my daily dose of dense Superfood nutrition! Wicked easy, so yummy and you can even get it discounted and paid for monthly! Sounds like a huge win to me!

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